Private chat messages are being cut off in the mobile app

Bug Explanation
In the mobile app, chat messages are being cut off randomly.

Doesn’t seem to happen in the web browser chat

I started experiencing this September 13th.

Known affected devices:
Google Pixel 4 XL
iPhone 13
Samsung Note 10 Lite

Known non-affected devices:
LG Stylo 3 Plus

If you also have a mobile phone and can test this, please DM me or reply below with your model and what happens for you and I’ll add it here! The more data the better

We all have an up to date app

Persists through reinstalls, resets, font size changes, all accounts tested, etc

Repro Steps
Chat with someone, use longer sentences. Your message should get cut off.


Hi I reported it too but my post got deleted also I have this bug happening too
I’m using samsung


Can you tell us what “samsung” device you’re using?


Note 10 lite, I’m using android 12 and the last Roblox version.

This is also happens in-experiences chat (when the chat is small)


Can you tell us more details on this? (i.e. what device, screen resolution, etc) We need to be able to reproduce this so that we can fix the issue, thank you!

Huawei p40 lite 4G, 2310 x 1080
(usually the chat gets smaller after an teleport to another place or if the game has ScreenOrientation to “Sensor” instead of “LandscapeSensor”)

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This should be fixed now, is this still occurring for you?

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Thank you! No longer occurs on Pixel 4 XL

fixed thank you.

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