Private Message Blocklist Words

Is your inbox looking like this again?

Well, look no further, the Private Message Blocklist system can save you!
Head into the offending message, and find a unique phrase to this scam message.

In this case, .gg/roblocashout

Toss this phrase into a blocklist of words you don’t want PMs you receive to contain, and these bot users’ messages will no longer make it to your inbox!

Seriously though:
As a developer, it’s frustrating how many things get tossed into your Inbox that flood it with things you don’t need. On top of the constant Data Expunge requests, scammers can plug up your inbox with their botted messages. Since Roblox isn’t always able to keep up right away with these offending messages, a word blocklist would allow allow users to keep these messages at bay.


“Follow me to message me” isn’t an option here?

I understand that it is tedious and that these bots exist, but what we really need is to only allow messages from email verified users, preferably in a checkbox form. The bots can just change the link while you’re sleeping. You also can’t delete the messages, cannot limit what account ages can message you as well.

Wait, we can’t even search them? What if you’re spammed overnight and there were important bug reports for your game? Oh no, they’re on page 20!

The current inbox system does not have good UX and should be completely redesigned or should have many standards added as features, including this one. Although I’m not experiencing these bots, I do know how bad the inbox is when I have it set to everyone can send messages.

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