Private message inboxes for groups

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to provide support to players of group games. If players could send Private Messages to a group, this can assist player satisfaction.

Imagine that the only way to contact Roblox customer support was to email CEO David Bazucki. This is the current situation for developers unless they also provide support through social media.

I would like a system similar to group messages on the Developer Forums. A reply from the group would show the user who sent it. There’d be a role permission to reply to these group PMs.


I really like this idea, it would save an insane amount of time

This is a brilliant suggestion and the analogy to Mr. Bazucki is on point. Customer support on Roblox is insanely lacking, and part of that is that developers have zero tools to assist distraught customers. We lack fundamental CS abilities:

  1. Developers cannot appoint others to handle CS matters (essentially your feature request)

  2. Developers cannot search for purchases by a particular user

  3. Developers cannot effectively verify that a developer product purchase has occurred after a certain time period without using databases / external servers to cross-check

  4. Developers cannot refund purchases

I’m honestly surprised that this isn’t a larger priority for Roblox. Giving devs the tools to handle CS matters for their games would take a huge workload off of Roblox’s own CS team.


This is a great idea for a feature, I totally support it. A lot more developers are making development groups for their games so this feature will definitely help developers manage their group games.

As you said, currently the only way to get hold of someone in the group for maybe a bug report is by private messaging them. Most of the time the user you message in the group never actually reads the message you sent because their inbox is always full. This feature will solve that issue because multiple people will be able to read the message and acknowledge it. This feature will also allow developers to listen to their player base a lot more easier.

To add to this feature request. Developers could be given the option to add messaging categories like Bug Reports, Features or game support, these could be shown in the form of a drop down list on the send message page. Then the group inbox could be split into the categories the developer chose for the drop down list. This will help make the inbox more manageable because you are splitting the messages up into categories as some groups could potentiality get loads of messages.

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