Private Messaging Command with a UI help

Hello my fellow roblox developers! I am seeking some help. I want to create a private messaging command. And yes, I know that you can use /w, but I’d rather try to make a command for PM’ing.


  • Simple little command where arguments are :pm
  • A simple a little UI where you can also reply back to PMs of that user. Example: I private message a user, they private message me back, and I can keep messaging them back aswell as they can do it to me.
  • And no I don’t wanna use any public admin system. Currently making my own custom system.

If you have any idea on how to do/create this, reply to this forum. Thanks!

Do you want to make this using the chat or a completely separated gui?

Basically, I want a command ran then the UI pops up for the supplied username. Then they can reply to the private message through the UI. And then the UI pops up with the message and able to reply for the person who used the command

Do you have a script that you are working on for this?

It’s not that hard, first of all make sure to filter the message (TextService) then you can use the player.Chatted event and check if they type the correct command that sets the ui visibility to true and then fetch the targetuser ui and make it appear for him and do the same process.

Not at the moment, I’m gonna try to have one later