Private server links when shared in Discord or Facebook Messenger on iOS don't work

Links in Discord of Facebook Messenger are always broken

When sharing a private server link in Discord of Facebook Messenger the link doesn’t work and you can’t join the server. Additionally, if you select “Open in Safari” (or your defaults got set to that) then the link won’t work from anywhere.

Known workaround (not very usable): Our players currently copy the link, open up notepad, paste it in, and then right click hold, open in “Roblox”. However, only very experienced players know how to do this.

Joining doesn’t work

How to break joining for literally every link on iOS

Open in Roblox is super hidden. If you selected “Open in Safari” in the past all deep links will be broken.

Why fixing this is important

Our games core communities live on Discord right now. Private server links not working breaks their ability to play Roblox.

Expected behavior

I would expect to be able to join the private servers.


Found someone to check this out! We’ll get back to you when we have an update.

Thanks for the report. I just looked into this behavior for both Discord and the Notes app. Unfortunately, both behaviors appear to be built into those apps, in particular, rather than anything on our side. The Notes app actually appears to default to opening Roblox correctly on a normal press, but you’re correct that overriding that once by holding down on the link and pressing “Open in Safari” changes that behavior going forward, unless you go back and override it again back to Roblox.

All this said, while there doesn’t appear to be anything we can do on the client, itself, to make these links go to it, it’s possible that there might be fixes on the website that can make these more user-friendly. I noticed that the “Open in Safari” press, for me, opened the webpage in safari, which then asked me to open Roblox to join the experience. That seems to only happen for users who are logged in already in that web browser. Can’t promise anything, as there could be unforeseen security risks/etc in doing so, but I’ll see if we can do something similar for non-logged in users and get back to you.

Good news! On investigating them, it turns out the mitigation possibilities I mentioned are actually already being looked at by the team that owns that /share path. I can’t promise what exactly the mitigation will be or how long it will take, but we’re on it!

Hello! We’ve fixed this bug! There is new behavior when clicking on private server links. You will no longer be directed to the App Store, and should instead see the experience page within the Discord browser. You should then be able to scroll up and see a banner prompt to open the Roblox app. By clicking the open button on the banner, you should be able to join the private server. Below is a video showing it in action. Thanks again for the report.