Private Server System: Help

I want to make it so Users that make Private Servers can teleport to different places (As a Private Server with the owners server) [Using the normal Private server system].

For example lets say I made a Private Server and joined it, But its the main menu, How would I detect if what the user is currently in is a Private server and how would I make it so the users that join that Private server also teleport to the Private Server version?

What I want basically is:

  1. Private Server system Detector
  2. If its a private server it gets the owners ID and teleports to that place with the same code for other users in that Private Server.
  3. Join the Place with the Private Server code made for the owner

And when they click travel it teleports to the Private Server version of that Place

Everytime I’ve looked into this kind of thing, I can never find a straight answer or proper Guide.


Are the private servers free or paid?

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If you’re talking about VIP servers, game.VIPServerId and game.VIPServerOwnerId are properties you can read. If game.VIPServerId is nil, then the game isn’t a VIP Server.

However if you’re talking about reserved servers, game.PrivateServerId and game.PrivateServerOwnerId are properties you can also read. Same rules apply to these properties.

local Server = TeleportService:ReserveServer(placeId) will return a reserved server that you can teleport players to.

Read up more on the documentation: TeleportService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


There’s no such thing as game.VIPServerId and game.VIPServerOwnerId.

Use game.PrivateServerId and game.PrivateServerOwnerId in both VIP/Private Servers and Reserved Servers.

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Paid, I want to use Robloxs default Private Server system, and I’m curious if Private servers have a Specific ID that I can use for teleporting.

Some games have done it I think.

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What I can’t find is if I can keep that property if a player that was in the main teleports or if it Resets, I can’t keep it working.

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You can use game.JobId, it’s basically a randomized code for servers. Both Public and Private Servers have this.

And the best part is YOU CAN USE IT FOR TELEPORTING!

An alternative and recommended method is to use game.PrivateServerId, it’s basically a randomized code only for private servers. The difference between the two is that JobId changes when the private server has no players, while PrivateServerId never changes even when the private server is empty and got expired.

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Also, why do you need the code for? Do you want it to be like raise a floppa?

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Yeah basically, It’d be a really nice system.

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Ah, to achieve that you need to use reserved servers instead, like what @DevLumbo said earlier.