Private Servers ID'S and Multiple Prices

Hello there, I was thinking about this recently, and I have some questions; And I wanna confirm with developers that understand this better than me.

What I was thinking about, was creating a system, where you could get a FREE VIP Server, but you would be able to UPGRADE it with developer products. So maybe I could pay 100 robux to have normal XP in that vip server for 1 month; instead of downgraded XP since it’s a vip server.

So my question is really, do Private Server ID’S reset after a period of time or not?
Also, would that be ok in terms of community guidelines?

I do believe they don’t reset, since I didn’t see anything about it on the dev hub, but I’m just making sure.

I was thinking about using data store service, to save the os.time() of when those upgrades end.

If you need help understanding, just answer below! :smiley: