(Probably easy) Make a Part Non-collidable, but if I fall onto it (on the top side) it will be collidable

You see, I want the player to be able to jump through the part (if they come from the side, or from the bottom) But if they are falling onto it, I want them to be able to stand on it. Another case of being able to stand on it would be the player phasing through the part, and then their full body being above it, and then if they land on the part they can stand on top of it.

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anyone got any ideas? lmfao

heres something i made really quickly, it probably isnt the best way to do this but its a start

	local partHeight = hit.Size.Y / 2
	local YLevel = (hit.Position.Y - partHeight)
	if YLevel > part.Position.Y then
		-- make it collideable

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