(Probably the first) IKControl footplanting

umm so i made footplanting with IKControl
it turned out good

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Oh good! I never was capable to do one lol (and I didn’t found any tutorial)

But it isn’t the first, it was made one some years ago. (I’m talking about this one from 2014 Inverse Kinematic Characters [Open Source] - Roblox)

Does it suport terrain? If so where can i find the model?

He’s saying that he is likely the first to create this utilizing the new Inverse Kinematics Control Instance.

First public one, Roblox showed it in their demonstration

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It fully supports terrain, although i didnt implement poles yet

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Is it public yet? I absolutly love the system.

I’ll publish it in a game for testing, if im feeling cool, i’ll release the footplanting module along with it

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Definetly let me know when you publish it.

I just published it right after making poles

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Pretty janky but thats becouse the low part cound in the R6 character and also becouse of the missing animations of the torso. But besides that im reall mazed on what you achied. Definetly looking forward to the module release.