Probably the only sky-scraper homestore you have ever seen

Fashion Nova LA started as just a regular homestore on Roblox and we quickly turned it into a realistic retail store shopping experience. The FNLA team has put a year of dedication in this group and are always looking for new ideas to expand and bring in new happy customers. Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know!

Credit to VOIDCI and myself in collaboration to build the project


Looks more like a tech corporation HQ than a homestore. :upside_down_face:

bet i cant even build that well lol


How did you manage to get those glass curves on the build? Unions?


She 3D modeled them using Blender. They are meshes!


First off, the exterior looks stunning! However there are a few inconsistencies.
The first inconsistency is that the inside of the homestore lacks detail compared to the realistic outside. It honestly feels almost low-poly.

The second inconsistency is that the interior pf the lobby is inconsistent with detail. The blue screen are elevator areas lack detail compared to the chairs, and houseplants. Maybe the fonts used contribute to the low poly feeling, but idk.

Other than that, The floors above the lobby, and especially the spa, are beautifully decorated and very consistent. However I would still add more detail to the elevators.

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I appreciate your feedback it means a lot. However, please refrain from inappropriate language in the game. We do not tolerate anyone who breaks the Roblox TOS inside of our game.

Please take this into DM’s instead of on a devforum topic!

Thats fine. Thank you for your feedback I will try to incorporate some of your ideas in the future!

Why didnt you include more photos of the inside? it looks amazing

you are very humble
now this is looks like a huge multi conglomerate company’s HQ
this is one of the finest work i have ever seen can’t find any mistakes
the buildings are very tall (jk) lol

this is roblox?? whaaaaaat? this is so good!

This is insane dude, u must be taking so many days to make it isnt it? Its just like a future skyscarper and well, u are very talented :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this on some other post on the devforum. Can’t remember where tho.