Problem about building realistic map

Hello Developers!It’s me again.

So as you can see,i’m trying to do realistic build but there’s a problem here.
When i go into the game server and play it,in server the sky is black and can’t change even i tried to change the lighting properties.The water in studio can move waves and that’s so cool and realistic,but when i come into game server then the water is frozen.

So i want to ask you guys how to make water terrian waves move in game and how to fix the sky in game too.

Thanks for reading,goodbye and have a good day!. :wave:


What is your graphics level in-game?


My graphic level is only 1 lol.
My pc is potato.

Then there’s probably no way to fix that. Can you tell me your PC-Specs?

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Well that’s probably why. Disabling water animation feels like it’s intended, althought I don’t know if making the sky black is intended too.

Well uhh,
That’s probably the reason.
Because low graphic levels do reduce realistic/good-looking features because it tries to reduce lag.

For instance

Graphics Quality 10|10:

Everything looks so smooth and realistic.

Graphics Quality 1|10:

Water looks horrible and nothing looks realistic.

And also I have no idea why the sky appears black in-game.
That’s all I know.

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Local Disk(C:)
-21.5 GB Free of 48.8 GB.

Local Disk(D:)
-142 GB Free of 195 GB.

Local Disk(E:)
-169 GB Free of 221 GB

DVD RW Drive(F:)

Not these, hit CTRL+Shift+Esc (Task Manager) click “more Details” ans select performance and click on CPU and GPU. RAM is another big factor.


It’s either your pc is potato or your have a virus in your game also can you link the game.

Also try change your water settings to something like this:

(in terrain wich is in workspace)

The question we should be asking here is why are your PC drives turning into black holes.

Also I dont see how drive capacity is that useful.

What you can do is, open up the Run Box (Win+R) and type msinfo32. This program will give you detailed information about your device specifications.

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One method to go about this is to

  1. Note the differences as you change your graphics settings, like what becomes brighter/darker. Testing this on multiple platforms will help you decide where to make changes, as some things will appear differently.

  2. Note the differences between platforms, as mobile and PC tend to differ when it comes to brightness and lighting fidelity. You may find it best balances when using “Compatibility” as your Lighting preference.

(Optional) 3. Figure if the user is on a mobile device, or PC, and adjust the appearance of the game to best suit the platform based on your testing. This will require a script that tries to determine what input type the user has, and there are multiple ways to go about it.

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