Problem creating an Old Medieval Watchtower

Hi, I am planning to make an Old Medieval Watchtower and got the tower I want but here is the problem I don’t know what is better

First, I tried to look for a Texture but did not found anything really close to this tower and I thought to maybe put the brick individually but that will take way too long what is the best thing to get closer to what appears on the picture

P.s I am going for more of a realistic style just saying.


hey, if you’re familiar with blender, I suggest using it.

In built Roblox Studio tools aren’t the best for realistic medieval builds (from experience), I suggest using a different software and connecting it to Roblox.


But I want the game to appear in studio and people can play it and I am not really sure how to do it in blender or how I can do it.

not sure, roblox isn’t good for realistic builds that why a lot of builders turn to external softwares.

try using a texture (off-site ones)

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I think I created a texture that would work for your old medieval watchtower. You can add color to the texture from the properties but this is my shot at your problem. It is symmetrical,


You could find use small brick-shaped meshes, like the ones found in this mesh pack.


Roblox studio isn’t the best for creating detailed and realistic things like the picture. And so, like what @anross said you have to use an external software. Here are a list of recommended external softwares you can use:

  1. Blender (This is used by tons of people around the world and is one of the more popular softwares out there. You can also create GFX and animations with this.)
  2. Autodesk Maya (This can be used for 3D modelling, visual effects and a quick google search also told me that it was suitable for working alone or working with a team so this will be useful if you lead a team next time.)
  3. SketchUp (I didn’t know of this before but this has drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. This is taken from Google by the way because I was trying to find more alternatives to Blender.)
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Do you want that I create the Shape of the build or use a texture because I don’t think Roblox supports Like PBR.

If you don’t mind, could you send a ss of the tower? I want to see exactly what you’re attempting to texture


As long with the texture, you could add the occasional brick in, giving it the 3D feeling (Randomly placing a stone in)

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I suggest using Blender, which is a high tech building and texturing program!

If you use Roblox Studio tools. It wouldn’t be as detailed and organised and textured. :heart_eyes:

While this could be made inside studio with the proper textures and mesh parts and use of lighting since your going for a realistic approach you could also make custom textures or even upload some realistic ones from . I see a few developers use this.

You can create realistic builds with studio also but I would recommend that you use any type of free software such as Blender (or other 3D Modeling software that you could use or ones that your more comfortable with) softwares tend to have more tools that could create these types of builds. When creating realistic builds textures - meshes are important to use and the right lighting source to add a bit of realism.

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I specialise in medieval building and game design. I would recommend using a mixture of a texture and brick blocks, like how I did it here:

and here:

As some others have mentioned, using blender to create some more definition in the build by adding more texture would help a lot, too, but I’ve seen that you haven’t used blender before.

Instead I would recommend using part blocks to create an effect of some stone bricks/parts coming out like this:

If you’re not sure how to apply a texture to an object, just right click your object and click insert object, then type “texture” and add that.

Then put the texture id here and mess around with the the transparency, studs per tile and offset to create something you like.


Good luck!


Thanks, I will take that in mind I have used blender before I only know how to make one tree the rest I don’t know what to do and I really like your build.

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