Problem- GUI not visible

Hello Developers!
I’m experiencing this issue for the first time, and I just don’t get why it’s not working.

So basically, I have a button called „SettingsButton“ and although the „visible“
box is ticked, the button won’t show up. I don’t have any scripts mentioning this button by the way.


is the image value and id entered correctly and working?

Is it possible that you set the transparency to 1? Also, nice code and shop buttons

Yeah like the image is either transparent or not working properly

Make sure it’s in StarterGUI. Also set the transparency to 0 like others said.

Like everyone else is saying, I suggest you double-check your imageID, transparency, and parenting. :wink:

Assuming the basics are correct (everything people are saying above), there’s a couple of other things you should check:

  • Is your image moderated or pending?
  • Is your ImageTransparency property of the button set to 1?
  • Is ClipDescendants property of the button’s parent set to true?
  • Is the output window saying anything about this particular asset ID?

Thank you! Roblox randomly moderated the image although I could swear I double checked!

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