Problem in making a car

Hi, I am making a car and I found a guide on DevForum, but I am not sure what they mean.
Here’s the post:

Help is appreciated, thank you.


What I recommend
Hi, there I wouldn’t recommend using this tutorial because it uses hinges that are being removed soon. I would recommend watching this tutorial:

It shows the basics of car rigging in a detailed four-part series. You will be building a suspension car with cylindrical constraints which is the most realistic type of car of all Roblox cars. (Not including simulative heavily engineered cars with custom physics) I would recommend you have a basic understanding of physics, scripting, and constraints before you watch this tutorial.

What I don’t recommend
I heavily advise you using this hinge car guide you found on dev forum. As for the explanation, she is placing hinges on all four corners of the car then she sets them up to be a motor and servos which then will build a basic car. Why don’t I recommend you do this? Well, it is good for beginners but it’s using a constraint that is being removed very soon. It is also a highly inefficient way to build a car basic car you might as well just build a sliding car.

So, this tutorial is better and its car mechanics are good?

Yes it uses the best way to build a car with constrains. Of course there is one better way to build a car which is to completely build it from scratch and implementing custom physics which would take forever to do.

Does this tutorial requires scripting?

Yes, it does but its very basic. Only 2 scripts one 50 lines of code and the other like 15. The video parts of the tutorial also show all the code. I believe someone may have made a Pastebin for it if you wanna copy it.

Nah, I don’t copy I wanna learn and not copy

Then feel free to watch the tutorial he teaches a lot of useful skills scripting and constraint wise. Its a really good tutorial.

Hope this helps!

Yup I agree with you.
Thats a very basic car to start to understand the idea. Theres better ways to achieve a nice vehicle, all of them a lot of scripting and creative way to use constraints.
Btw, I thought it was all Surfaces Motors/Servos etc were going to be depracated, not the Constraints Actuators.
Using default Constraints without actuators, bodyMovers and scripting is way lot better than using basic actuators of course!
Surface stuff its already removed I guess, but, when ActuatorType will be removed from Constraints?

(btw my reply is not a tutorial :sweat_smile: just helping someone to understand the basic idea, I insisted on creating suspension, bodyMovers and experiment with constraints)