Problem in StarterCharacterScript my script won't work in the actual game but in studio it works fine

I have encountered a game problem my
local script in StarterCharacterScript
my script is

could you please help me I’m just a beginner.
is it the problem in my script or the type of script I should put or I need remote events to do this?

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
local RootPart = Character.HumanoidRootPart
local Sound = RootPart:WaitForChild("Running", 10)
local Landing = RootPart:WaitForChild("Landing", 10)
local Died = RootPart:WaitForChild("Died", 10)
Sound.Volume = 3
Landing.Volume = 20
Died.SoundId = "rbxassetid://4494920504"
Died.Volume = 2

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Shouldn’t it be in

i’m a beginner as well. see if that works.

Maybe check for errors in the actual game? (You can check for errors in-game by pressing F9)

it still didn’t work, I put it into StarterPlayerScript and nothing changes

there’s no error but idk why my script goes empty when i check on team test

Theres a new feature with team create called:
Collaborative Scripting
which is enabled by default in all places with team create enabled

More Information Here

How exactly does this help? He doesn’t seem to be using team create.

@Eurydion said that his script goes empty when he clicks on team test, which would mean he is using team create. My guess is that he didn’t commit his drafts.

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As you’re using team create, you need to commit the changes you make in the script to the Drafts tab, which can be found in View > Drafts. After that you just select the script you want to commit, right click and press commit.

Is this a LocalScript? If so, then try switching it for a server Script, otherwise the sound is only muted for the player only. Everyone can freely hear sounds from other players.

You shouldn’t use a locascript for startercharacterscript, its better to set character to script.Parent also and so player to game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(script.Parent).
About the script being empty, just check in the view tabs, open draft, and commit the script from the draft tab.

Edit: Seeing you’re using this script to change local values, you can keep it as a localscript, but you should still try other tips I gave you.

yes Team create is enabled. sooo does it changes anything?

try to print after getting all the variables, maybe you failed to get the variables and got time out

btw TeamCreate is used for that other players that u invite can edit the game too
TeamCreate have nothing to do with script fixing except if someone is gonna help u
oh also disable teamcreate, maybe that will change something due to the new update

Yes that does change things. You have to commit your changes in the draft tab, for programmed things to show up when you play the game.

When you make a script/ localscript/ modulescript, but don’t commit the changes, only you see what you typed. This is because the script is locally saved.

If you proceed to publish a game WITHOUT commiting, the server won’t publish the code you just wrote. Because of that, nothing would happen if you’d play the game (not test mode).

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This sometimes happens because I forget to commit my drafts to the game. Commit your drafs then publish.

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So Everyone, i Committed the script but the problem is i don’t hear any footstep/died sounds its muted but the other sounds like the sfx of the light it works perfecly fine. I think its problem on my script
The scripts keep getting empty ;-; when i try it on Team test
So this is the latest news yet, i tried some of your ideas on my script

Wait, I rewrite the script to a new one, Commit the changes and it Works! Thank you Guys for your ideas :smiley:
SpeciallyWaterJamesPlough,SPycre,ThesuperTERROR, and also EndurableRayy :smiley:

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No problem. Good luck with your game! :slight_smile: