Problem of Data Save?

Hi…I been trying to Fix This Code now…For about 3days…And it seems I can’t Fix the problem…

So im trying to Makedatasave for checkpoints
so the player would spawn In the area where they were there last time…But it seems it wouldn’t budge itself…So…Give me some suggestions that i have to change in the script… Thanks :smiley:

If you spot any thing wrong…Please write it down! IT would be extremely helpful :smiley:

I am confused what you are trying to do? You want the player to spawn on a checkpoint if they play the game again?

The script goes through game.Workspace checking for parts named 1, 2, 3, and so on. I assume when you touch one of these bricks, then this is your new checkpoint. Make sure you follow that standard, even though it’s not a great one, and see it how goes.

Yes.Indeed…So Lets take it to this… A player joins the game and lands in checkpoint 11 and the leaderstats of levels is 11 and he/she lands on a checkpoint 12 and it makes he/she level 12 in the leaderstats but…Then he/she left the game and rejoins it…And they Landed in the same checkpoint 12…ALl i want to know is how to make it like …Datasave the place where they were on…You get what I mean?Sorry If you can’t understand my grammar…English is not my first language you see…

Sorry…Im a dumb guy…I don’t get it…You have to help me through pal…

Could you click the arrow next to the Workspace tag at the top right and screenshot all the stuff you see inside? Here’s an example of how my Roblox studio window looks like:


So just do the same thing for me. If there’s too much stuff to screenshot, all you need to do is tell me if you see bricks named 1, 2, 3 and so on to the last stage.

Here is the pic…I should record all the things in my workspace…

I think your explorer should look like this:


Where you have a bunch of parts in Workspace that are named 1 2 3 etc.

Yep…You mean the checkpoints?

Yes, they cant be in a folder called Checkpoints though, they have to be directly below the Workspace item (unless you changed the reference in the script).

…So…Can you show me in baseplate Cause…You know…I just started scripting and…Im quite curious of my surrounding… RealsAuthentic#3099 is my discord…(You can add me if you want)…yeh…Im sorry if im wasting your time by the way

This is all I need you to do:

I don’t like going on Discord for the solution because then other people can’t google this problem and find this thread for the solution, so I would rather solve it here.

Yep done …I Pop the checkpoints into the workspace!

Alright, then the checkpoints should work now. Please click the solution button on my post if it worked, and reply with more information if something is still broken.

Meh…Not quite…The leaderstats is gone now and the thing is that…I spawn in a different place …_.

Could you do this for me and screenshot the bottom output so I can see if there are any errors with the script?

Wait do you mind if I add you to a baseplate and add you to test it out?If it works I would hit the solution button and we bot hwould be happy …I mean It might take up a bit of your time if you allow it …

I don’t think that’s really necessary. If we really can’t find the solution here then I’ll see about it.