Problem when adding links in the Social Networks

In my account settings page when i add links, to the “Social Networks” the links that i added they will just disappear from the tab box. As seen below everytime i add links to the tab they will not show up in the Social networks.

I have also notice when you. Put any social links in the Social Networks section, the
Visible to: will be just a blank grey tab button.

Repro Steps

1.Go to your settings button.

2.Go down to the “Social Networks” and put any kind of url, in one of them and refresh your page and you will see. That the url you put in will not be in the Social tab and the visible to will be a blank page!


Bumping because I’m also encountering this issue (I’m unsure if this was ever resolved).

Browser: Opera GX (PC)
Browser Version: 89.0.4447.64

I have no extensions installed (same repro steps).