Problem while following sleitnick's tutorial

Hello so I was following Car Rigging tutorial | Part 2 of sleitnick’s channel.
This is the problem I am facing -
After connecting, rotating, positioning all constraints when I run this is what happens to the tires -
From Inside -

I am not really being able to help myself in this situation so I would deeply appreciate if someone figures out the problem and tells me from what it might be caused.
If you need some info please notify me and I will provide it to you.

Edit - It has been some time of no reply to this thread so I will just ping @sleitnick
hoping you might as well help.

Did you do everything that they show in the tutorial? Maybe you missed some parts of added something you aren’t supposed to?

Make sure you have the “View Constraints” tool in the “Model” tab checked off and select “Show on top”.
It shows the locations and orientation of each Attachment or Constraint when you select them.
It looks to me like you don’t have the yellow and orange arrows of both the Attachment0 and Attachment1 aligned. They have to be aligned the same on the Yellow (hinge) axis for wheels, the orange isn’t that important in that case, but with the Hinges set to Servo, or with Constraints like the Prismatic or SlidingBall Constraints that alignment is important!
Select and Rotate the Attachments so they align properly.