Problem with animation for right hand only

I have recently encountered some issues with my weapon animations.
When I create my Idle animation for my Pistol, this issue is occurring:
As you can see, the right hand is not animated properly. I didn’t use to have this problem but now it is happening.
And this is how the animation looks (in the editor, perfectly fine):

Things I tried:

  • Adding Keyframes to the right hand (does not work)
  • Settings the animation priority to action (does not work)

I don’t know why this is happening but the animation does not look good like this. The right hand is just sticking out irregularly.

For reference, I am using this DevForums post to animate my pistol:

Thanks for any help

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Did you find any solutions? I am having the same problem but a little bit different

I also have this problem, I have tried so many things like changing priority re-edit animation, reimporting, etc, but still not solve the problem