Problem with audio

I’m trying to add background music to my game which shouldn’t be a hard task, but I can’t make it work. I’m trying to make it so that when a new player joins, he will hear the sound from the beginning, not at the same position with the other player who was already in the server. Does anyone know where do I need to put the audio for it to work like that? I tried to clone it to every player who joins the game and it was working until I found out that everyone heard everyone’s audios.

I think you just want to play it on the client

yes, but how do i make it play on the client?

You could put the audio in a GUI or directly parent it to StarterGui

well, now the audio is super loud and duplicated when alot of players have joined and left the server.

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Try putting this in a local script in StarterGui. Works for me:


If you’re testing this in a local server in Studio, the duplication you might be hearing is all the player tabs you have open. Try muting all but one and you’ll see Player1 can’t hear Player2 or 3’s background music.

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You may need to turn down the audio’s volume, you can do this from the properties panel