Problem with body force

I have a spaceship which has a body force to keep it in the air. However, once leaving the seat and returning, the ship starts floating upwards. The first time, it does not float upwards, but on the other times it starts floating upwards. It appears that the more I leave and return, the faster it floats upwards. Sometimes, it also goes off balance and title sideways over and over (corrector script that sets it straight when past a certain angle)The body force calculation is below. Anyone know why this is happening or what to do to fix this?

        game.Workspace.Gravity = 196.2
		local magnitude = upe.Body.AssemblyMass
		magnitude *= gravity
		local mover =, 1, 0) * magnitude 
		upe.VehicleSeat.BodyForce.Force = game.Workspace.Compass.CFrame:vectorToWorldSpace(mover)
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