Problem with bones deformation

Hi, I have a problem with my blender model (with bones), the problem is :
When importing the model, it is deformed not like in the blender app.

In blender :

In roblox :


How did you import the model? I recommend using FBX format for the rig and importing it through the Import 3D option, if you hadn’t already.

If that doesn’t work can you show us how the rig looks like (through the animation editor for example)?

It’s a FBX file, and I have imported it into the Import 3D option

And when I import it, the preview window for the model is open and I seen this problem


Also, the 2 bones that moves the gum and the teeth are rotated (in the images 2)

And it seems like the gum and the teeth are deformed by these rotations

I see it does it on the hands too

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When I moved the bone, it look better, like it was inverted

I found the problem, I have done alt + p and clear parents (keep transforms), and ctr + a and scale. Thank you for your help !

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