Problem with character hair welds?


I’m finished working on a character creator in a game I’m helping make, and it works. You select the hair you want, the color, and it loads when you join. The only problem is that when the player’s character touches, let’s say a dummy from the Animation Editor plugin, the player’s character loses the hair, and the dummy gets the hair. The hair is using a weld, with the Part0 to the handle of the hair, and the Part1 to the head of the player.


Could you post a video showing the problem?


Apparently accessories already give an automatic weld to the character it is parented with. Consider parenting the accessory to the respective character if you don’t want to lose it from the player.

For instance, the sunglasses here are custom-made. They do not re-attach itself upon contact with another character.


Please include your code. We cannot help without knowing what you’re doing.

local Ponytail = GirlHair.Ponytail.PonytailHair:Clone()
Ponytail.Parent = v
Ponytail.Handle.AccessoryWeld.Part0 = Ponytail.Handle
Ponytail.Handle.AccessoryWeld.Part1 = char.Head
Ponytail.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C0 =,.25,0)
Ponytail.Handle.BrickColor =[4])

Here’s an example of what I’m doing to get it onto the player. The hair is being cloned from ReplicatedStorage, and it’s being parented to a folder in the player’s character.


I suggest you to not parent it to a folder in the player’s character. Just parent it directly to the character and then it won’t happen.

An alternative is to attempt deleting the “TouchInterest” from the handle if possible.