Problem with character resizing

Hey, hola Devforum Forums!

I am currently working on a character resize script using NPC’s the problem i’ve encountered is that the accessories doesn’t resize.

This is my code:

local id = 1046851536
local Models = game.Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(id)
Models.Parent = script.Parent
for i,v in pairs(Models:GetChildren()) do
	v.Parent = script.Parent


If you’re making an NPC/in-game avatar out of this, is AutomaticScaling enabled?

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Is this supposed to be there?
The reason might be because you’ll need to scale the special mesh inside the handle part, or use GetDescendants.

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That was just me forgetting to remove the Models. part from the script.

No. But I’ll check it out, thanks!

Yep, AutomaticScaling is enabled, but the accessories doesn’t automaticly get scaled.

Why don’t you try using the HumanoidDescription System to resize your character? I believe it is the safest way to proceed and even the accessories are scaled accordingly.

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Hmm, I’ll try this out and see if i can figure it out! :smiley:

Didn’t work out, I’ve tried using GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId and applying the description from the user, but the character havent changed the values or anything, so im still in a struggle.

I think you might have to resize the clothes as well or link them with the NPC otherwise it wont recognise the clothes.