Problem with client to other clients replication

I have encountered a very weird bug in my game recently. Basically, sometimes my friend and I see our vehicles freezing even when we are moving.

I have made researches and debugging, and I found that if I collide with the frozen player, it unfreezes. However, the server does not detect players freezing.

For better understanding, I have created two videos:

I’m not sure if it’s related, but the vehicles freeze slightly when they are touched by a laser.

Currently, I have set the Network Ownership to the player for a smoother experience. I have tried removing it, but it doesn’t make any difference.

I have also attempted to move the players with remotes, but it still doesn’t work. When using cframes, the turrets won’t move anymore, and with AlignOrientation and AlignPosition, nothing happens.

For more information, the vehicles are created by the servers, they move with LinearVelocity and AngularVelocity, and they are controlled by the client with remotes.

I’ve finally found the problem ! It was just the size of the HUD changing and causing freezes, i’ve switched to surfacegui and this worked !

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