Problem with command bar and Undo

When I do something with the command bar in studio for exemple“Part”,workspace) and I want to undo it, it undoes the action before the one with the command bar as well as the action with the command bar itself, its like I undo twice. I expect to undo only what I did with the command bar if it’s the latest thing I did.

It happens everytime I launch a line of code with the command bar, to recreate the bug, just create a part with the command bar then create a part with the button and Undo, you’ll see both parts will disappear.


This is partly because you are running arbitrary Lua code which cannot be traced back in the history due to it being weird to interact with.

What would the case be if you had 3 threads running at the same time, making changes, and depending on eachother as an example? Wouldn’t work out quite right to try to “revert” it.


here’s a feature suggestion thread about this

Oh I see