Problem with custom camera following, positioning and event

I have been working on various scripts.
one of them its the camera manipulation.Where i am making(trying) a arm view like in Line Runner but with top down view + arm view(side view) but when its combined with an trade of CameraSubject its make me avoid the camera and stops on the air where i can see my characters movement but not the camera.
i tried to get back after an clienteevent “FireClient()” but it not working any idea?

Resume: I am trying a camera like on ‘line runner’ but more “up-position” but i have a problem when i try to change the CameraSubject to a thing like “mining simulator shop” but the camera its not going to the tool that the player would buy its only a flying camera and the CameraSubject appears to be nil.

i have tried to get back camera to the player with FireClient() and clientfired:connect() but not working

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There really isn’t enough information here to help you.

Please provide your script, aswell as methods you have tried.
It is also kind of hard to visualise what you’re trying to do.
Could you provide some video of what you have aswell as what you’re trying to achieve?

–CamerA trade for local View–

local Camera = workspace.Camera
local RS = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorageService”)

Camera.CameraType = “Scriptable”
Camera.CameraSubject = game.Workspace.Cam1

–Camera on Plr Head–

Camera.CameraType = “Custom”
Camera.CameraSubject = player.Character.Head

The main part that sticks out to me is it should be CurrentCamera instead of just Camera…

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

I would suggest uploading a GIF so we can better understand the problem.

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Hi I can’t help directly with the problem but I can help with your post format.

The name should explicitly illustrate your problem so those with experties in that particular field know they can help and those that can’t won’t. You’re likely to get better quality feedback too.

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Please… fix your title, describe the issue shortly in it.


Maybe change it to;

“Problem with custom camera following, positioning and event”