Problem with exporting character textures

I have problem with exporting character textures, I want to make GFX but when i export character textures then file with textures have character textures and accessories textures. My friend have this problem too. Idk it’s roblox studio version fault or what


Export the player in one file, then export the accessories in another. This way both of them are in different files and it is not as confusing.

I exported accessories then removed it and exported character and ye… still file have character and accessories textures…

Accessories textures:

Character textures:

Idk what to do now, i watched a gfx tutorials and tried to make it like in video but it exporting accessories too :confused:

The character is example

And file is named Handle1_diff.png or (file name)_diff.png but in videos they have (file name)Text.png

Blender version I use : 3.0.1

It doesn’t matter that the hat/hair textures are still there I’m pretty sure if you just put the texture on the rig and put on the accessories separately it should work.

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Its works but when i try to export new texture again then the old texture file is removed and new have blue line with studs.

Idk, I will reset my PC later to have clear system bc maybe i deleted something important.

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