Problem with Fall Damage

So, I have created a fall damage system in my game. It works fine but the problem is that I think it’s a bit unfair, because the player takes 25 damage from falling 16 studs. This is my current damage formula

local fallDamage = (fallDistance * (humanoid.MaxHealth / 75)) * damageMultiplier -- fallDistance is the amount of studs that the player fell and damageMultiplier is the multiplier

I have tried finding more fair damage formulas, most of them just do the amount of damage that you fell which isn’t what I want

You only take fall damage if you fall from a height of 15 studs or more

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I think you can do something like this

local distance = math.max(0,fallDistance-14)
local baseMult = (humanoid.MaxHealth / 75)
local fallDamage = (distance * baseMult) * damageMultiplier

The first line just sets the distance to either 0, or falldistance - 14, depending on which is larger of the two, the 2nd line is what you did for the base multiplier and the 3rd is just calculation of damage,

Should be what you wanted since if you fall a distance of less than 15, it’ll deal no damage since it’ll multiply by 0 twice, but if you’re at 15 studs or more, then it’ll calculate a damage, exactly how you wanted it


How do you calculate fall damage ? :thinking: