Problem with Game Icon

Heyo! SoaringRBLX Back at again, but with a name change… :thinking: anyways, I have decided to become an obby creator, I have always loved the community, and just wanted to shoot a shot in the dark. Anyways, my game icon got moderated, this is all it was Soarings LJPDC Icon

although it got moderated, and I have no idea how to fixx this! What is wrong with my icon?!

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I can’t say why this is moderated, but most all moderations are done by bots. Try changing one or two small things, so it is officially a “different” icon. This is just a suggestion, but the Name is a bit hard to read (white on white), you might want to make it darker (or make the white borders on the image darker, like black) to make it pop more. Good luck!
EDIT: Might have been moderated because of the long string of letters, might have been flagged. This is probably the most anyone can tell you


hmm alright, thanks for the advice, im going to upload this, and i honestly like it more, i just added glow Soarings LJPDC Icon

yet instantly got moderated. really man. disappointing, any other ideas?

It’s possibly the text or the image format, is it a PNG? And what software are you using? Try changing the image format and font

format? what do you mean, and it is a pnt, I used do you mind trying to make a logo like that because im kinda frustrated right now at it

Use PNG file format not PNT as PDN/PNT will not work

oh i meant png, not pnt my bad

Not all the time its moderated. If it was moderated it would give you a warning. Just wait a bit and it should be fixed.

when it is being accepted it has the … in it when it is moderated it has a circle with the line in it, it was moderated, you dont always get a warning

Try JPG or JPEG might work sometimes it just gets flagged wait a few minutes

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True but sometimes It happened with me and just waiting a bit fixed it.

i waited 4 hours and it didnt work, then uploaded it again and got flagged again, and a total of 5 hours later here we are

Hm try renaming the file. Not really something that should be worried about but try and see if it works.


Don’t upload new game images!
Ask them to un-moderate this image, explain to them what LJPDCO means.
Explain to them what you were going to do with that image, and they should easily unmoderate your image.

i THINK the jpeg worked as it hasnt gotten moderated yet

Alright. Roblox bots sometimes just flags images for no reason so it really is a it works or it doesn’t work situation.

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It uploaded!!! YEAYASHSHSH Im soooo happy rn

Hope that helped. :slight_smile: