Problem with :GetPartsInPart()

local Part = script.Parent
local Object = Part.Parent.Parent.Obstacles.Stair3.Stair1

while true do wait()
	local Check = workspace:GetPartsInPart(Part)

	local Value = 0.6
	local Value2 = false

	for i, v in ipairs(Check) do
		Value = 0
		Value2 = true
		Object.Transparency = Value
		Object.CanCollide = Value2

	Object.Transparency = Value
	Object.CanCollide = Value2

Basically the Part Object will constantly change its transparency from 0.6 to 0, same with its collisions. I thought this bug only happens with .Touched! Also this bug doesn’t happen with the other objects somehow even though I’m using similar scripts. How do I fix this?

Stair1 consists of 10 Parts, exported and imported back to studio (mesh). I did this because I thought the problem was because there was multiple parts.

I fixed this issue by moving “Stair1” to “Wall2”, a different folder. However, I still want to know a different solution to this problem.

Soo, the problem was that there was 2 scripts doing the same exact thing.

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