Problem with grabbing gear results with API

So earlier today I noticed that the command in my admin that searches for gears was not working. At first, I thought it may have been an issue with the website I use for grabbing the results, but after doing some quick tests I noticed that my audio search was still working fine, so it wasn’t the website. The website I use is but for my admin, I use the search API part of their website which is Below I will post the entire command that is in my admin, along with the link that would normally be used to find gear results. For testing and proof that the site works for other categories, I will also post a link that leads to audio results. Keep in mind that like I stated above, this did work just a couple of days ago just fine and it returned gear results so I very much doubt it has to do with the website.

This is a tablet admin by the way, so all of the NewTab() functions create a tablet around your character that can be clicked on if it has a function() connected to it.

Broken Gears Link: Cloudflare

Working Audios Link: Cloudflare

Core:AddCmd("SearchGear",{"searchgear", "sgear"},"Searches roblox catalog for gear.",1,">sgear [Gear name]",
    function(Public, Player, Args)
        local FindGear = function(Search, Page)
            if not tonumber(Page) then
                Page = 1
            local Link = "" .. Search .. "&Category=5&ResultsPerPage=10&PageNumber=" .. Page
            local songs = game:GetService("HttpService"):JSONDecode(game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(Link))
            if songs then
                return songs
                return {}
        local SearchGear
        SearchGear = function(Search, Page)
            if not Page then
                Page = 1
            local Gears = FindGear(Search, Page)
            Player:NewTab(Public, "Gear Search\n" .. Search, "Deep orange")
            Player:NewTab(Public,"Next Page","Bright orange",function()SearchGear(Search, Page + 1) end)
            Player:NewTab(Public, "Page:\n" .. Page .. [[/inf]], "Bright orange")
            if Page > 1 then
                Player:NewTab(Public,"Previous Page","Bright orange",function()
                        SearchGear(Search, Page - 1)

            for i, Gear in pairs(Gears) do
				local tab = Player:NewTab(Public,Gear.Name,"Cyan",function()
                        Player:RunCommand(">igear " .. Gear.AssetId, false)
                    end, "" .. Gear.AssetId .. "&width=420&height=420&format=png")
		SearchGear(table.concat(Args, " "))

Roblox recently removed that endpoint for accessing search results, but if you follow the steps on the Wiki page here, you will find that this way will still work.

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