Problem with ik in animation

idk whare i must post this… but anywhy i have a problem with ik in animation editor
when i try to use ik on body… it
he doesn’t move like i wanted
before i rotate it

after i rotate it

and then i just tap on the arrow

i don’t move it… i just tap…
and it happens every time (rotate and move…)
on any dummy

Have you disable “Inverse Kinetic” within the Animation Editor?


i mean i have a problem with IK… and it turn on
p.s. it heppen only in body part mode

Oh, well in that case, It’s supposed to react like that I believe.

but… it is very bad if so … because I cannot work like this and I have to not use Ik …

Did you try the full body mode, because it will consider all joints when moving a specific part.

This will help you also if you having, problems with the IK.