Problem with importing fbx meshes

Hello everyone,

Here is my problem, when I import meshes with the Avatar importer plugin, therefore FBX meshes, they are not added to the game assets and cannot be found in “Create”. In addition their Id starts with “assetdelivery.roblox” and when looking the link they are all named “RenderMesh”

I did some research, but I can’t tell if this is something normal at all, is roblox checking if the meshes are correct? It’s quite annoying because sometimes they don’t appear in game.
I thank you in advance

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Is this an actual avatar that you are trying to import?

Yes, the avatar is made up of a body of a head with eyes and eyebrows, all separate, and also when I import clothes for the avatar with the FBX import, it’s the same

I did some small research on the web and found this:
As you can see in this sample model, it is described as a Mesh Part and not as a Mesh. Try reuploading your mesh into the game without uploading it to the library.

Hi, i cant upload without avatar importer, there are too many triangles, but now i understood why its like that, thank you