Problem with inventory system

So basically i have a inventory gui, and i discovered a pretty big problem with it.
So the inventory works with ID’s and every id is an item you can get via badges.
The inventory works on badges (so if someone owns a specific badge, then they get a specific item).

But the problem is there is a limit of about 126 ID’s that can be made, and i’ve reached that limit.
This means i’m not able to make any new items anymore wich is a huge problem for a game where events for special items are held weekly.
This is how it looks, the red arrow marks the ID.

Now the reason i am posting this is because i don’t know how to fix this or up the limit of maximum ID’s. I’ve checked every script and i didn’t find a way to fix it.
(The reason i don’t know how to fix it is because i used to work with someone before who has now quit roblox, he basically made all the scripts).

Any help is appreciated! Thanks for reading.

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We don’t even get to read the system… What is this maximum of 126 Ids? Is it a limit applied by Roblox (126 total badges) or was it made by the creator?

Is 126 IDs a limit imposed by roblox?

That’s what i don’t know, i didn’t find any indication of a max limit of ID’s in any of the scripts, but the person who made the scrips said that the ID’s are indexed from number (1-126).

I dont know what the person who scripted this system did, but there can be basically 6999999999 badges in a roblox game, aka there is no limit.

Games can have well over 126 badges, it’s likely that the script has been made in such a way to only cycle through the first 126 possible inventory items, or there are only 126 slots in the custom inventory Gui.

Any idea how the script might look? Could there be anything i can use as a search term to find it in a script possibly?

So i found out that theproblem is that it is using UTC-8 wich has a limit of 127 different tools.
Could anyone explain how this works? How you could extend that limit.