Problem with Joystick not working

Recently people have reported to me that their controller joystick does not work. I have tried using a controller myself and UserInputService doesn’t even fire InputBegan whenever the joystick is moved. I believe it has something to do with GUI navigation. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Also other games seem to have this problem too.



The InputBegan event is only fired when input starts. To determine when and where the joystick has moved, you should use InputChanged, which would fire everytime the user slightly moves the joystick to a new position.

You will have to post more information, there is not enough to help you out. Could you show the code you are using to detect controller movement?

(Please also note that this is not the category to file bug reports in if that was your intention. This should be done through the post approval procedure described in the New Member FAQ.)

My intention was not to file a bug report. I was just pointing out that other games have the same problem (cause might be unrelated)

I currently don’t have a controller to test it right now so I can’t easily test it. I am also using a modification of the control module however I did not touch any of the movement code. I have tested the modification on another place and it works fine.

I would test what Josh said if I had a controller right now.

PlayerModule.rbxm (110.0 KB)

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Had this set to KeyboardMouse which prevented the controller from working.