Problem with lag

Hello, I’m having weird issues with lag when I look at specific parts of my build. Okay so I’m building a penthouse type of thing and when I look at a few specific walls or floors it makes me drop by like 15 frames and I have no idea what is causing it. When I delete the texutre it fixes some of the lag on some of the parts but not all of it and when I delete the part there is no more lag. I have the same texture in multiple different parts of the build and it causes no lag, it just causes lag on some specific parts.

For example this part here causes lag when I look at it.

This is another one that causes lag.

Any help would be very appreciated

  1. Do you have any high range/brightness lights around that area?

  2. Try placing an entirely new part

I have these point lights placed, the orange ones are brightness 1 and range 15 and the purpleish one is brightness 1 and range 25.

And I did try placing a new part and it didn’t fix it.

Try disabling the lights and see what happens.

It also may be the parts below that floor. Try moving those parts somewhere else and see what happens.

Disabling the lights fixed it but how do you think I could do the lighting without it making lag like that while keeping the lighting looking good?

You see those 3 orange lights next to the window? Try to use one large light to cover that area.

Alright, tried that, did not fix it.

If the lights are the cause of the lag its likely you’re using future lighting. Future lighting is very expensive to use. Try converting to shadow map and see if its any better.

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Yeah, it was future lighting and converting to shadowmap fixed it, thank you.

Haha! I was going to say that, but I assumed that you wanted to use future lighting no matter what.

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