Problem with lighting and white parts

Hi! This is my first time really building anything, and I’ve come across a problem where white parts (255,255,255) look grey. I know this is down to the lighting, which i’ve attempted to change multiple times but if I lower the ambient (so it’s brighter) until said parts look white, the colours of most things change drastically which isn’t what I want


After lowering the ambient:

Does anyone have a good middle ground lighting setting? Or have I done something completely wrong because the parts don’t normally act like this?

If you want to have a face that’s unaffected by lighting (i.e. its a solid color) but doesnt have the glow that neon has, you can try using a SurfaceGui that has a LightInfluence of 0.


From left to right: White Neon, White Plastic, White SurfaceGui

You can also position the sun so that it’s facing the white part:


But that’s probably not what you want.

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That’ll do perfectly, thank you so much!