Problem with making my viewmodel

Hi, I’m trying to make a viewmodel but I have a problem with animating it. Thing is that I can’t move right arm even though every single part in viewmodel is unanchored.

Objects in viewmodel:

I can’t really figure out why this is happening so please I need help.

What are the properties of the Right Arm Motor6D? (Inside of torso)


That’s strange. I don’t see anything wrong with the properties, they all seem where they should be.
Yeah I don’t really know. Animating is a very confusing concept for me. Perhaps just use moon animator or something. (Just a suggestion, you don’t have to)

I tried using Moon Animator and nope, still nothing.

Set the torso root priority higher.

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This doesn’t really belong in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, but you can send us a .rbxm file or .rbxl file so that we can more easily see whats going on.

Sorry for late response but it worked. Thank you.

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