Problem with meshes not being moderated

Hello all, we’re having a big trouble with meshes moderation in our game; they are just not being approved since the last week. There is no error, they just dont appear (you can see the cube in Studio, but mesh is not loaded) and the message “Mesh 6408205556 failed to load because it has not been moderated yet. Retrying soon…” on the output

This is a screen of what we got in Studio; its a model containing one of those MeshPart:

We already lost this week’s update for our game, which it not very good since we will lost players and income… but we want to know how to solve it. We’ve been since monday trying to upload the content


All assets of any type aren’t being moderated right now.
I have 4 audios pending review and it’s been that way for a day, and so I doubt they’ll be approved any time soon.

I’ve contacted Mod Review Requests to see about getting them manually approved but have had no response.

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Thank you Irideon, could you please tell me what Mod Review Requests answers you?
For now we saw that uploading on other game could help.

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None of my other games allow me to either, it just does nothing still.
I’m hoping for a refund if I can’t get a response from the MRR team.

I’m starting to wonder if the bot is broken, and it hasn’t been flagged as an issue yet? It seems odd for every single asset uploaded to be ignored.

I’ll let you know when I get a response, if I get one at all.

It appears to be very 50/50 on what gets moderated and what doesn’t from what I’ve seen. Thankfully, with meshes you can always make very slight changes (such as moving around 1 or 2 vertices) and see if that helps it pass through? It may take a few tries, but eventually it’ll go through the moderation process as intended without getting stuck.