Problem with my blocky sea

also quick note, by wave i mean the water thing but basically its got this issue where the tween looks weird, here’s the code and how it looks like ingame.
I have no clue why it looks like this

local sea = game.Workspace.Sea

for i,v in pairs(sea:GetChildren()) do
		if v.Name == "SeaWater" then
		while v.Parent == sea do 

		local OldCF = v.CFrame
		local OldSize = v.Size

		local tween = game.TweenService:Create(v,,1)), {
		CFrame = v.CFrame *,math.random(5,25),0),
		Size = v.Size * math.random(1,1.5)


		game.TweenService:Create(v,, {
				CFrame = OldCF,
				Size = OldSize



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I have no inclination what “problem with my blocky sea” means. The video offers little more than the title does. Please elaborate, what indeed is the problem with your blocky sea?

I think you mean this, change it

game.TweenService:Create(v,, Enum.EasingStyle.Elastic, Enum.EasingDirection.InOut, -1,true), {
		CFrame = OldCF,
		Size = OldSize

The post is kinda unclear but if you mean the way it springs up and down weirdly, from what I see in the video it seems the tween or animation you’re using has an Elastic Easing Style applied to it.
If it’s a tween you can change it’s Easing Style to the following:


If it’s an animation you can select the keyframes in the animation editor, right click, and then I recommend you change their Easing Style to Cubic and their Easing Direction to InOut.

If you want to read on Easing Styles, here’s the link.

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