Problem with offset [GUI]

Hello DEVs!

I was making my solo project, everything was ready but… when i rescale my screen i found problem with image labels.

How it should look
How it look ingame with fullscreen

As you can see, the imagelabels are more wide(=worse quality) and it looks so edgy

If you know how to “fix” it, then reply to this topic!
Thanks for reading!

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I think the problem must be the sizing
I recommend you using AutoScale Plugin for Scaling your ui’s this plugin allows you to fit your ui for all devices with creating UIAspectRatioConstraint

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I used this for it
still same

i use my Friend plugin you want get it?

You can also just add a constraint to the image label, I forget the name of it though.

Do you have it parented to transparent frame?

Now i dont really know what you mean :D, sorry for that

This was my bad, you right!

Also thanks to @caviarbro

Glad it helped you :smiley:

Good Luck!

If they look wide, set the Image.ScaleType to “Fit”. If will now fit the entire image, and it won’t look stretched.