Problem with one model not letting me publish studio

When I import my custom made model(with scripts and animations-1,200 brick count) Studio does not allow the publishing to occur, it will give me a error or crash if I attempt to save my work.

This bug has been happening every time I either import it in another game of mine. It works fine publishing when it’s in it’s original studio I created it in.

This bug is occurring inside of my group related games. This doesn’t usually happen when I create a custom model and script it inside of my personal games, then move it.


I currently have Windows-10 V1903, RTX-2080 graphics card, I7-9700 core, and 16GB RAM.

This bug started occurring when I realized publishing the game without my model it worked fine, then when I put my custom model into the game and try publishing, it gave me this error.

I want to know how to fix this issue, if it’s my fault or maybe something Roblox can fix for the near future.

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