Problem with one player servers

sorry i couldnt really find a catagory that matches my problem.

So basiclly, im having this problem where i set my game to 1 player servers. and so, when i tried to have a friend try it out but they get a error (specifically error code 517) and telling them the expierence is unavailiable. if anyone knows the source of this bug i whould love to know! Thanks

i whould like to mention that the game works just fine for me in 1 player servers

(i have tried setting the server size larger and then the game worked.)

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Could it be possible that the place is private/locked to others? Searching real quick from Error Code 517, it occurs when the server is about to be removed due to no players that are currently in it

Maybe it could also be possible that your friend might be joining your server? I’m unsure though

the game is public, I know I was not in the game. I also went ahead and switched accounts and tested it. and got the same error.

The only thing I can really think of is that you may have some sort of malicious plugin or script somewhere within your game that’s causing that error, I’m sure

It’s either that or you have some security instance that’s preventing other players from joining your game

im not good at this kinda stuff, so do you think this one require script could possibly be malicious?

That just looks like a simple way to disable the Player’s Controls, I don’t think that’s the case

Could you maybe open your Game Settings inside of Studio and double-check if you forgot to checkmark something?

I did not mention that this game is owned by a group, could that possibly be a cause of this bug?

Huh wierd, I went ahead to test it again. And it worked? it mustve been some bug that just fixed itself. But still I thank you for the Help!