Problem with parts rotation when touching another part

On default(i think) when you drag part1 to part2, part1 would be paralel to part2, but i acidentally pressed some shortcut and now when i have a part rotated and drag it to the other part, the rotation of it stays the same.
Can anyone, please, tell me how to reverse to before i did the keybind?

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You can reverse actions with CTRL + Z.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll have to provide screenshots or more explanation since this is quite confusing.

Look at the box in this screenshot, with the default, the box shouldn’t be rotated, because i touched the wall

So the box automatically rotates when collided to another part ?
Is that what you’re trying to say ?

Look what i mean Screen Recording 2021-02-13 at 21.41.12

does the box actually collide with the wall but in one side only ? or does it not touch the wall ? I couldn’t really see it properly because of the shadows.

Before i did something, the box would change the rotation to the walls rotation like it was 90 degrees to the wall after touching it

Try right clicking somewhere, and turn on “Drag Aligned objects”. That should fix it.


Holy cow, that worked, you literally just save my life! Thank you so much

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