Problem with PreloadAsync

I am working on a modular cafe system for a game I am working on. It uses a custom cape system that I created which allows a user with permissions to give themselves a cape and change the texture to an image on roblox(creator marketplace). I have done everything correctly and there are no errors in the code. However, the code hangs after preloading the texture. The texture shows up just fine and the cape works as intended, however, the code after the preload does run at all and that causes the systems using cape to break and not function properly. Down bellow is the code. The snipped that involves printing not finished is to see how long it takes before PreloadAsync’s callback function to be ran. The last test I ran on this code resulted in me stopping the test after 158 seconds of waiting with no result. What am I doing wrong?

function CapeSystem:new(plr,data)
	local texture
	if data then
		texture = data.Texture or self.ImageID
		texture = self.ImageID
	local Beam
	local Character = plr.Character
	local CapeTop ="Part",Character)
	local CapeBottom ="Part",Character)
	local CapeTopAttachment1 ="Attachment",Character:WaitForChild("UpperTorso"))
	local CapeTopAttachment2 ="Attachment",Character:WaitForChild("UpperTorso"))
	local CapeHeadAttachment ="Attachment",CapeTop)
	local CapeBottomAttachment ="Attachment",CapeBottom)
	Beam ="Beam",CapeTop)
	local AllignOrientation ="AlignOrientation",CapeBottom)
	local AllignPosition ="AlignPosition",CapeBottom)
	local AllignOrientation ="AlignOrientation",CapeBottom)
	local BodyGyro ="BodyGyro",CapeBottom)
	local RigidConstraint ="RigidConstraint",CapeTop)

	CapeTop.Name = "CapeTop"
	CapeBottom.Name = "CapeBottom"
	CapeTopAttachment1.Name = "CapeBottomAttachment"
	CapeTopAttachment2.Name = "CapeTopAttachment"
	CapeHeadAttachment.Name = "CapeHeadAttachment"
	CapeBottomAttachment.Name = "CapeBottomAttachment"

	CapeTop.Size =,.1,.1)
	CapeBottom.Size =,.1,.1)

	CapeTopAttachment1.Position =, -2.5, 1.5)
	CapeTopAttachment1.Orientation =,0,90)

	CapeTopAttachment2.Position =, .8, 0.5)
	CapeTopAttachment2.Orientation =,0,90)

	CapeBottomAttachment.Position =,0.125,0)
	CapeBottomAttachment.Orientation =,0,90)

	CapeHeadAttachment.Position =,0,0.7)

	Beam.Attachment0 = CapeHeadAttachment
	Beam.Attachment1 = CapeBottomAttachment
	Beam.Texture = ""..texture
	Beam.Width0 = 2
	Beam.Width1 = 2
	Beam.TextureSpeed = 0
	Beam.Transparency ={,0),,0)

	AllignOrientation.Attachment0 = CapeBottomAttachment
	AllignOrientation.Attachment1 = CapeTopAttachment1
	AllignOrientation.Responsiveness = 20

	AllignPosition.Attachment0 = CapeBottomAttachment
	AllignPosition.Attachment1 = CapeTopAttachment1
	AllignPosition.Position = CapeTopAttachment1.WorldPosition
	AllignPosition.Responsiveness = 15

	RigidConstraint.Attachment0 = CapeHeadAttachment
	RigidConstraint.Attachment1 = CapeTopAttachment2

	local finished = false
	local function finish(...)
		finished = true
	while wait(1) do
		if not finished then
			print("Not Finished")
	CapeTop.Anchored = false
	CapeBottom.Anchored = false
	CapeBottom.CanCollide = false
	CapeBottom.CFrame = Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
	CapeTop.CanCollide = false
	CapeBottom.Parent = plr.Character
	CapeTop.Parent = plr.Character
	CapeBottom.Transparency = 1
	CapeTop.Transparency = 1
	self.CurrentCape = Beam
	return setmetatable({},CapeSystem)