Problem With Render

Im trying to make a GFX for my group icon, I’m using the "Roblox Starter Rigs’ plugin by Softy/@SoftGB

Whenever I go into Viewport Shading> Material Preview or Viewport Shading> Rendered the textures of the characters do not show (the reason the hats show is because they are separate objects) and whenever I render the GFX the textures of the rigs also do not appear

I tried looking for a solution but I couldn’t find one

Im using Eevee and Cycles rendering, and blender 3.5


someone please help it has been 3 hours

This problem takes place in blender a lot for me too.
One of the methods i use is that i either copy or screenshot the textures and the add them BACK to the model and it usually works.
You can also just remove the texture material on the bodies ENTIRELY and then add them back using image texture and it SHOULD work perfectly.

try this