Problem with RopeConstraint

So my friend has been having some problems where he was building a rope bridge and when he jumped on the rail, the entire bridge just flung into space. We know that it has something to do with the constraint but we can’t figure out why it’s doing that.

What are the Densities of the Parts of the Bridge?
How many Parts is the bridge made of?
How many ropes?
Are there any other Constraints used?

Using a lot of Constraints on a whole bunch of Parts in the same assembly can cause the physics system to get overloaded and do some wild things.
Get your friend to answer the above questions and include a screenshot of the bridge so we have more information.

  1. 0.2
  2. 21
  3. Around 80
  4. No

I need the bridge picture
Because usually If I make a bridge I add make pilar and holder so the bridge did not broke, (Bug or fall)

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That’s a lot of ropes!

It might be better to just use a single HingeConstraint between each of the bridge Parts.

Get a screenshot to let us know what it looks like.