Problem with scaling whole model

Hey guys.
I’m trying to add a feature to my game that makes you spawn houses scaled by 1/5 when u say in chat “tiny house” but I have a problem with the scale script…

local function Resize(model, scale)

	local primary = model.PrimaryPart
	local primaryCf = primary.CFrame

	for _,v in pairs(model:GetDescendants()) do
		if (v:IsA("BasePart")) then
			v.Size = (v.Size * scale)
			if (v ~= primary) then
				v.CFrame = (primaryCf + (primaryCf:inverse() * v.Position * scale))

	return model


I already checked other topics of people who have the same problem, but I found no solution…
Can someone help me?

How it is

How it should be :expressionless:

I recommend using the new Beta Feature:

I tried it already and it only works on studio. I want the house to scale in game :frowning: