Problem with superjump move

Hi, i’ve been trying to find ways to replicate the following move from super bomb survival (

i tried inserting a bodyvelocity into the humanoidrootpart, and it doesn’t really work. it wont let me move freely when performing it, and is also heavily inconsistent. What can i do to fix it?

Try decreasing the MaxForce property of the BodyVelocity, or use BodyForces maybe?

both didnt work, all that happened was my character wouldnt even rise up

Maybe try changing player JumpPower in Humanoid? I’m a bit confused.

On second thought. Maybe make it so a script changes the velocity when action.

I’m assuming from the reference he sent, he wants the player to automatically jump in a smooth transition whilst maintaining the Velocity

Could you try increasing the Velocity & Maxforce, then after the Character is off the ground decrease the velocity but still maintain the MaxForce?

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local UIS = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
local Recharge = false

UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(Key, Chatted)
    if Chatted then
    if Key.KeyCode = Enum.KeyCode.E and Recharge == false then
        Recharge = true

        local Vel ="BodyVelocity")
        Vel.Velocity =, 45, 0)
        Vel.MaxForce =, 50000, 0)
        Vel.Parent = Character.HumanoidRootPart
        game.Debris:AddItem(Vel, 2)
        Vel.Velocity =, 30, 0)
        Recharge = false
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Im terrible at velocity tbh. But good at scripting.

On mobile so I can’t really do anything. Sad